Carbon dielectric films with diamondlike properties were investigated as a new electronic material in a metal–insulator(carbon)–semiconductor (MIS) device configuration for solid state power devices for space applications. Films were directly deposited on the InP, GaAs, and Si substrates by ionizing a 25 vol % mixture of methane in argon using both single and dual ion beam systems. Electrical measurements at various frequencies of metal–carbon–InP devices showed a turn on voltage of −1.6 V with 0.2 V hysteresis, a fixed charge number density of 8×1010/cm2, and an interface state density of 3.0×1012 cm2 eV1. The capacitance–voltage (CV) characteristics for carbon on GaAs were stretched out with 1.1 V hysteresis and indicated a fixed charge number density of 1×1012/cm2 and an interface state density of 1×1013 cm2 eV1. The MIS device performance improved significantly due to insitu ion beam treatment of the semiconductor surfaces prior to the film deposition. This was determined to be related to oxygen at the film–semiconductor interface as determined by scanning Auger electron spectroscopy.

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