SiO2-Fe2O3 mixture films and nanolaminates were grown by atomic layer deposition from iron trichloride, hexakis(ethylamino)disilane, and ozone at 300 °C. Orthorhombic ɛ-Fe2O3 was identified in Fe2O3 reference films and in Fe2O3 layers grown to certain thicknesses between amorphous SiO2 layers. SiO2-Fe2O3 films could be magnetized in external fields, exhibiting saturation and hysteresis in nonlinear magnetization-field curves. Electrical resistive switching, markedly dependent on the ratio of the component oxides, was also observed in films with proper composition. For relatively conductive films, application of small signal measurements allowed one to record memory maps with notable squareness and defined distinction between high and low conductance states.

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