In this manuscript, the authors investigate the growth of indium zinc oxide, indium zinc oxide (InZnO, IZO) as a channel material for thin-film transistors. IZO is grown at atmospheric pressure and a high deposition rate using spatial atomic layer deposition (S-ALD). By varying the ratio of diethylzinc and trimethylindium vapor, the In/(In + Zn) ratio of the film can be accurately tuned in the entire range from zinc oxide to indium oxide. Thin film transistors with an In to Zn ratio of 2:1 show high field-effect mobility—exceeding 30 cm2/V s—and excellent stability. The authors demonstrate large scale integration in the form of 19-stage ring oscillators operating at 110 kHz. These electrical characteristics, in combination with the intrinsic advantages of atomic layer deposition, demonstrate the great potential of S-ALD for future display production.

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