Ru based laminated coatings with various transition metal solutes were deposited on silicon wafers using a direct current magnetron cosputtering system. After annealing in a 1% O2–Ar atmosphere at 600 °C for 30 min, Ti–Ru, Zr–Ru, Mo–Ru, Hf–Ru, and W–Ru coatings were internally oxidized and maintained a laminated structure, consisting of alternating oxygen-rich and deficient layers stacked along the original growth direction. Conversely, V–Ru and Cr–Ru coatings exhibited external oxidation and failed to maintain the laminated structure after annealing, due to the fast outward diffusion of V and Cr. The variations in crystalline structure and nanohardness of Ru based coatings caused by oxidation after annealing were investigated.

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