The electrical properties of transparent polycrystalline monoclinic HfO2 dielectrics prepared by plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition were studied. The capacitance-voltage and leakage current-voltage characteristics of the capacitors incorporating HfO2 dielectrics were examined in terms of the structural, optical properties of the HfO2 layers. The interfacial properties between the HfO2 layer and the Si substrate were also examined. The HfO2 layers showed excellent thermal stability both in the HfO2 structure and in the HfO2/Si interface. The capacitance-voltage characteristics showed improvements through thermal annealing with a slight increase of leakage current. With an equivalent oxide thickness of 4.7 nm, the 700 °C annealed HfO2 dielectrics had a dielectric constant of 16.5 and leakage current densities of 9.8 × 10−8 and 9.2 × 10−7 A/cm2 at dielectric fields of +0.75 and −0.75 MV/cm, respectively.

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