Thermal diffusivity of amorphous transparent conductive films, indium zinc oxide (IZO) films, with a thickness of 200nm has been analyzed quantitatively using a newly developed nanosecond thermoreflectance system. IZO films sandwiched by molybdenum (Mo) films were prepared on fused silica substrate by dc magnetron sputtering using an oxide ceramic IZO target (89.3wt%In2O3 and 10.7wt% ZnO). The resistivity, carrier density, and Hall mobility of the IZO films ranged from 4.2×104to22.7Ωcm, from 2.6×1016to4.2×1020cm3, and from 10to51cm2Vs, respectively. The thermoreflectance signals were analyzed based on an analytical solution of the one dimensional heat flow across the three-layered film (Mo/IZO/Mo) system. The thermal diffusivity of the IZO films was (0.61.3)×106m2s, depending on the electrical resistivity. The thermal conductivity carried by free electrons was estimated using the Wiedemann-Franz law. The phonon contribution to the heat transfer in IZO films with various resistivities was found to be almost constant (λph=1.85WmK), which was about half of the one for polycrystalline indium tin oxide films.

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