Parameters of TiN films deposited in the hybrid hollow cathode and microwave electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma reactor can be strongly affected by the substrate material. Differences have been found between films grown on Si substrates and steel substrates, as well as between steel substrates from martensite and austenite steels. Temperature measurements by simple probes made from different materials with surfaces covered by wafers from Si or from steel confirmed substantial differences depending on individual materials. These differences can be explained by material-dependent absorptions of the microwave power as well as by enhanced particle bombardment of ferromagnetic substrates connected with deformation of the magnetic field in the hybrid plasma reactor. The effect of surface bombardment has been confirmed by voltage-current measurements using electrically biased probes. The results correspond well with properties of the obtained TiN films. Observed effects could be of more general importance, e.g., for microwave ECR plasmas, magnetron sputtering, as well as for most magnetized plasma systems.

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