The interaction of nitric oxide (NO) on Si-rich β-SiC(100) 3×2 surface reconstruction is investigated by photoemission spectroscopy using Al (1486.6 eV) and Zr (151.4 eV) x-ray lines at Si 2p, C 1s, N 1s and O 1s core levels. NO exposures are performed at sample temperatures ranging from 25 to 1000 °C. The initial sticking coefficient of the NO molecules is found to be already significant at room temperature, with a dissociative adsorption resulting in Si oxynitride products as SiOxNy. The amount of oxynitride is significantly increased at surface temperatures of 500 °C and above. In addition, temperature is found to favor the formation nitrogen-rich SiOxNy oxynitride products. Thermal oxynitridation on the 3×2 reconstruction results in a SiOxNy/β-SiC(100) interface.

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