Pure and conducting RuO2 thin films were deposited on a Si substrate at 250–450 °C using Ru(C11H19O2)3 as a precursor by low pressure metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). At a lower deposition temperature, the smoother and denser RuO2 thin films were deposited. The amount of O2 addition did not seriously affect the properties of the RuO2 thin film. The RuO2 thin films which were crack free and well adhered onto the substrates showed very low resistivity of 45–60 μΩ cm. At a lower deposition temperature and a smaller amount of O2 addition, RuO2 thin films showed better step coverage, indicating that MOCVD RuO2 thin films from Ru(C11H19O2)3 can be applied for an electrode of high dielectric thin films for a capacitor of ultralarge scale integrated dynamic random access memory.

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