Metallic conductive ruthenium oxide thin films have been grown epitaxially on sapphire (01 2) with a cerium oxide buffer layer by pulsed laser deposition. We used transmission electron microscopy, high-resolution electron microscopy, and x-ray diffraction to characterize the growth behavior of the films and the orientation relationship between the films and the substrate. Our electron diffraction and x-ray diffraction studies indicate that the orientation relationships are (200)RuO2//(200)CeO2//(011̄2)Al2O3 and 〈011〉RuO2//〈001〉CeO2//〈22̄01〉Al2O3. All of the interfaces were seen to be atomically sharp by cross-sectional, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy in the as-grown samples. No precipitates or additional phases were found in the films or at their interfaces.

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