Diamondlike carbon films were deposited in a pure C2H4 atmosphere and in mixed atmospheres of C2H4–Ar, C2H4–H2, and C2H4–N2 by radio frequency plasma chemical vapor deposition. The partial pressures of Ar, H2, and N2 were 25%, 50%, and 66.7%, respectively. The films were deposited with a high negative bias of −610 V. The hardness, the density, and the internal stress of the films decrease and the amount of gas evolution increases with increasing partial pressures of N2 and H2, while they do not depend on the partial pressure of Ar. These results show that N2 and H2 react with carbon in the films and decrease the degree of the crosslinking in the network structure, while Ar does not change the degree of crosslinking. The surface is very flat and the roughness (Rmax) is below 1 nm. The hardness is 40 GPa for the films deposited in atmospheres of pure C2H4 and mixed C2H4–Ar with a bias of −610 V.

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