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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 42,
Issue 2,
March 2024

Focus and Coverage

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A has a scope that is focused on the understanding of interfaces and surfaces at a fundamental level and to advance state-of-the-art technological applications of surface science and thin film materials science.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Ha Young Lee, Jeong Hwan Han et al.
Copper has been used as an interconnect material in integrated semiconductor devices because of its excellent conductivity, mechanical strength, and electromigration resistance. Introducing a ...
Research Article
M. Brabant, A. Demaude et al.
The one-step deposition of spatially differentiated crystalline vanadium oxide coatings (V2O5) using an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge is reported. This feasibility study uses an ...
Research Article
Rosemary Jones, Giulio D’Acunto et al.
The introduction of atomic layer deposition (ALD), to the microelectronics industry has introduced a large number of new possible materials able to be deposited in layers with atomic thickness ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Zhaoguo Li, Yuechuan Luo et al.
Herein, we report the transport properties of Ge films. The variable-range hopping transport at low temperatures ( T ≲ 50 K ) and thermal activation transport at high ...
Research Article
Lewen Qian, Xin Sun et al.
In advanced CMOS technology, a suitable spacer scheme is crucial to alleviate the effects of increasing parasitic resistance and capacitance on device performance as the critical dimensions ...
Research Article
Layiq Zia, Eesha Tur Razia et al.
Multiferroic (BiFeO3)1−x-(PbTiO3)x (1−x)BF−xPT thin films exhibit very high electromechanical properties in the vicinity of the morphotropic phase boundary (MPB), making them important candidates for ...

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