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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 5,
Issue 2,
June 2023

Focus and Coverage

AVS Quantum Science, copublished by AIP Publishing and AVS, is a truly interdisciplinary journal that reaches into a breadth of research areas, from Condensed Matter and Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, to Biology, Chemistry, and Materials Science, to Computer Science and Engineering, all through the foundations of Quantum Science.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Daniel S. Barker, James A. Fedchak et al.
We present the measurements of thermalized collisional rate coefficients for ultra-cold 7Li and 87Rb colliding with room-temperature He, Ne, N2, Ar, Kr, and Xe. In our experiments, a combined ...
Andrew Forbes
Once a distant dream, quantum networks are very much a present reality, with an exciting future.
Research Article
Marika Taylor, Linus Too
In this paper, we develop generalized proofs of the holographic first law of entanglement entropy using holographic renormalization. These proofs establish the holographic first law for ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Emil Génetay Johansen, Chris Vale et al.
The theory of topological quantum computation is underpinned by two important classes of models. One is based on non-abelian Chern–Simons theory, which yields the so-called SU ( 2 ) ...
Research Article
Thomas J. Elliott, Mile Gu et al.
Quantum systems are by their very nature fragile. The fundamental backaction on a state due to quantum measurement notwithstanding, there is also in practice often a destruction of the system itself ...
Research Article
Yanxiang Wang, Ziyang You et al.
Recent experimental evidences point to two-level defects, located in the oxides and on the interfaces of the Josephson junctions, as the major constituents of decoherence in superconducting qubits. ...
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