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AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

As an interdisciplinary, professional Society, AVS supports networking among academic, industrial, government, and consulting professionals involved in a variety of disciplines - chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, all engineering disciplines, business, sales, etc. through common interests related to the basic science, technology development, and commercialization of materials, interfaces, and processing area.

Recent Articles
Research Article
Ryuta Tsukazaki (塚嵜 琉太), Haruhiro Naito (内藤 陽大) et al.
in Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B
Plasma confinement was succeeded by an optoelectronic system with the aid of a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) light source, called the photoemission-assisted plasma system. The photoemission-assisted ...
Research Article
Claudio Sanavio, Sauro Succi
in AVS Quantum Science
We present a quantum computing algorithm for fluid flows based on the Carleman-linearization of the Lattice Boltzmann (LB) method. First, we demonstrate the convergence of the classical Carleman ...
Research Article
Yukio Fujiwara
in Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A
Surface charging caused by the bombardment of samples with positive ion beams is a significant problem in material processing and surface analysis. The charging potential of an electrically isolated ...

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