This paper reveals the development of an absorptive, self-supporting noise barrier panel for external applications. Designed for use as a temporary external noise barrier for construction sites and roadside noise barriers. The absorptive noise barrier panel is a module base design that is easy to assemble, disassemble and re-deploy. The barrier panel utilises recycled plastic materials, such as milk bottles and other soft plastics, making it one of the most environmentally friendly products. The barrier is manufactured in one process via a unique rotation moulding method. It is weather resistant, aesthetically appealing, and offers great design flexibility. Standard size panels are 100mm thick, by 2000m wide x 500mm high. The acoustic design is modelled to achieve NRC 0.85 at 100mm thick based on an advanced air-flow resistive layer technique combined with an air cavity. The actual sound absorption measurement results are well in line with the predicted modelling. Such a case study potentially uncovers a whole new range of innovative absorptive noise barriers. Further studies and investigations are also recommended.

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