A jet oscillation model for flute-like instruments is proposed. This is based on a conventional semi-empirical model for a jet in half space disturbed by an acoustic cross flow. The proposed model, however, allows a jet to deflect and to oscillate as a whole with no phase delay in response to the volume flow through the instrument’s window (embouchure hole or mouth). The overall jet deflection is essential to match the volume flow swept by the lateral motion of the jet to that through the window. The complete jet oscillation is the sum of the overall oscillation and that caused by fluid dynamical sinuous instability. The latter grows exponentially with a phase delay as the jet travels. The amplitude of acoustic volume velocity triggering this oscillation is much smaller than that through the window because most of it has already contributed to the overall deflection. The proposed model successfully reproduces the recorder’s head reflection coefficient measured in [Price et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 138(5), 3282–3292 (2015)]. Synthesis of recorder sounds using this model is underway.

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