A soil plate oscillator (SPO) apparatus consists of two circular flanges sandwiching and clamping a thin circular elastic plate. The apparatus can model the acoustic landmine detection problem. Uniform spherical glass beads – representing a nonlinear mesoscopic elastic material – are supported at the bottom by the acrylic plate (4.5 inch diam, 1/8 inch thick) and stiff cylindrical sidewalls of the upper flange. A magnetic disk centered and fastened below the plate is driven by an AC coil placed below the magnet. Nonlinear tuning curves of the magnet’s acceleration are measured by driving the coil with a swept sinusoidal signal applied to a constant current amplifier. In two-tone tests, air-borne sound from 3 inch diameter speakers drive the bead column surface at closely spaced frequencies near the fundamental resonance. Nonlinearly generated combination frequency tones are compared for each of the bead diameter experiments.

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