The apparent acoustic source region of jet noise varies as a function of frequency. In this study, the variation of the apparent maximum source location with frequency is considered for an ideally expanded, unheated, Mach-1.8 jet with exit diameter of 20 mm. In this study, the source location is ascertained for one-third octave bands by evaluating peak cross-correlation between near-field linear microphone arrays at three sideline distances and a far-field microphone arc. The impact of the hydrodynamic field on correlation results is considered. Source locations determined by these means are compared with intensity analyses for the same jet [K. L. Gee et al., AIAA Paper 2017-3519 (2017)]. Correlational methods together with filtering can provide a straightforward measure of the acoustic origin as a function of frequency and thus inform optimal microphone array layout for specific frequency regimes.

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