Sonic environment in a restaurant depends on a wide range of factors such as its size, restaurant configuration, architecture features, the foods it serves, how the foods are prepared, how the foods are served, occupancy rate, how patrons behave, etc. As citizens in different countries/cities behave differently in restaurants, it is crucial to understand whether restaurant sonic environments in different places are about the same, and what factors influence diners’ satisfaction and positive word of mouth communication. This study conducted noise measurements and a questionnaire survey on sonic environment in restaurants in Singapore, Macao SAR, and Hong Kong SAR during lunch hours. It was found that restaurants in Singapore had a higher noise level than those in Macao SAR and Hong Kong SAR. Additionally, noise from services negatively affected sonic environment and diners’ subjective responses. Service employees’ behaviors, foods and beverage, and diners’ subjective responses to restaurant noise affected diners’ overall satisfaction and word of mouth communication.

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