The five-segment Space Launch System solid rocket motor was recently tested at Orbital ATK. Far-field acoustical measurements were performed at angles between 80° and 120° relative to the rocket exhaust at a distance of roughly 2500 m from the rocket, approximately 800 nozzle diameters. The angular aperture allows for evaluating spatial variation in acoustic properties and a comparison with similar tests in the past, including the 2015 test of the same rocket motor. Although terrain variations introduce uncertainty, an approximate 10 dB change in level is seen throughout the aperture, consistent with previous studies. In addition, at low frequencies a high degree of correlation is seen. Near the peak radiation direction high levels of derivative skewness indicate significant shock content and crackle. This dataset also presents the opportunity to test a new method for processing acoustic vector intensity. [Thomas et al., JASA 137, 3366-3376 (2015)] Comparison with the traditional method shows an increase in usable bandwidth of more than an order of magnitude.

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