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Current Issue
Volume 51,
Issue 1,
8 May 2022

Focus and Coverage

Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) is an editor-reviewed, open-access, online journal published by the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). Articles originate as papers presented at semiannual ASA meetings or at other cosponsored meetings. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit manuscripts to POMA. Because of rapid editorial processing, POMA offers a timely venue for viewing the most current work in the broad field of acoustics. An associate editor reviews all manuscripts for clarity and correctness, and accepted manuscripts are published online as soon as possible.

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Most Recent
Kai White
With the social media boom connecting people worldwide and easing the sharing of experiences, the everyday lives and struggles of people who are considered neurodivergent as well as those with ...
Yichun Lu, Siu-Kit Lau
The conventional method of evaluating soundscapes involves utilizing questionnaires or soundwalks to assess people's perceptions of a chosen acoustic environment. This research aims to propose an ...
Emily Hammond, Anna C. Diedesch
Individuals with hearing loss face high personal costs for hearing aids, making over-the-counter hearing aids, or headphones featuring custom audio control, alternative options. Apple Inc.’s AirPods ...
Yichun Lu, Siu-Kit Lau
Numerous studies have acknowledged the significant impact of soundscape quality on public space satisfaction. However, it is crucial to recognize that sound environment requirements vary across ...
Daniele Mirabilii, Emanuel A. P. Habets
Acoustic array processing can be employed to measure the wind speed and direction based on microphone signals. Turbulent pressure fluctuations picked up by microphones are referred to as wind noise. ...

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