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Current Issue
Volume 4,
Issue 5,
May 2024

Focus and Coverage

JASA Express Letters is a gold open-access journal devoted to the rapid and open dissemination of important new research results and technical discussion in all fields of acoustics. It serves physical scientists, life scientists, engineers, psychologists, physiologists, architects, musicians, and speech communication specialists who wish to quickly report the results of their acoustical research in letter-sized contributions.

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Editor's Picks
Ryan Saenger, Luc Lenain et al.
Large surface wave breaking events in deep water are acoustically detectable by beamforming at 5–6 kHz with a mid-frequency planar array located 130 m below the surface. Due to the array's depth and ...
Guanyu Zhou, Chengjian Liu et al.
Machine learning enabled auscultating diagnosis can provide promising solutions especially for prescreening purposes. The bottleneck for its potential success is that high-quality datasets for ...
Shigeyuki Kuwada, Constantine Trahiotis
A long-standing quest in audition concerns understanding relations between behavioral measures and neural representations of changes in sound intensity. Here, we examined relations between aspects of ...
Most Recent
Angela Cooper, Matthew Eitel et al.
Singing is socially important but constrains voice acoustics, potentially masking certain aspects of vocal identity. Little is known about how well listeners extract talker details from sung speech ...
Mishaela DiNino
Age-related changes in auditory processing may reduce physiological coding of acoustic cues, contributing to older adults' difficulty perceiving speech in background noise. This study investigated ...
Xu Kou, Yanbo Wu et al.
This Letter proposes a low-complexity joint equalization and decoding reception scheme based on super-trellis per-survivor processing, making it possible to apply maximum likelihood sequence ...

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