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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 3,
Issue 9,
September 2023

Focus and Coverage

JASA Express Letters is a gold open-access journal devoted to the rapid and open dissemination of important new research results and technical discussion in all fields of acoustics. It serves physical scientists, life scientists, engineers, psychologists, physiologists, architects, musicians, and speech communication specialists who wish to quickly report the results of their acoustical research in letter-sized contributions.

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Editor's Picks
Jing Yang, Jaskirat Sidhu et al.
This study examined accent rating of speech samples collected from 12 Mandarin-accented English talkers and two native English talkers. The speech samples were processed with noise- and tone-vocoders ...
Hao Wen, Chengzhu Yang et al.
Underwater source ranging based on Deep Learning methods demands a considerable amount of labeled data, which is costly to collect. To alleviate this challenge, semi-supervised learning of the ...
He Wang, Ting Zhang et al.
Underwater reverberation often hinders the effectiveness of adaptive methods in active target localization with snapshot-deficient conditions. To overcome this challenge, a knowledge-aided ...
Most Recent
Feilong Zhu, Fenghua Li et al.
The received sound intensity of bottom-mounted line array varies as the submerged sound source moves in the direct arrival region, which resulting from interference between the direct and ...
Yamei Wang, Harim Kwon
This study reports that English speakers, after shadowing English-like nonwords beginning on /p/ with extended voice onset time, spontaneously shifted their subsequent reading productions of English ...
Alejandro Osses, Elsa Spinelli et al.
When listening to speech sounds, listeners are able to exploit acoustic features that mark the boundaries between successive words, the so-called segmentation cues. These cues are typically ...

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