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Publication Charges

Mandatory Publication Charges

Papers of longer length or with color figures desired for the print version of the Journal will not be published unless it is first agreed that certain charges will be paid. If it is evident that there is a strong chance that a paper’s published length will exceed 12 pages, the paper will not be processed unless the authors guarantee that the charges will be paid. If the paper’s published length exceeds 12 pages or more, there is a mandatory charge of $80 per page for the entire article. (The mandatory charge for a 13-page article, for example, would be $1040, although there would be no mandatory charge if the length were 12 pages.) Please refer to the JASA Instructions for Contributors for guidelines on estimating length.

Optional Publication Charges

A. Open Access

Some articles in the hybrid open-access journal JASA require a subscription to view or download immediately, while others (at the author’s choosing) may be gold open access and, therefore, be fully available to read immediately upon publication. If authors choose to pay for the gold open access option for an article, this article would be published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, which means that authors retain full copyright to his/her article.

To submit an article as open access, in the Peer Review System, select the Open Access option in the submission questions. If your manuscript passes the peer review process, you will be prompted to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) of 2200 USD. These publication fees are applied toward the journal’s operational expenses, such as peer review management, production, and platform maintenance. Note: If an open access paper runs beyond 12 pages, over-page fees are only due on the pages beyond 12.

Please note: the APC will be increasing to 2600 USD for manuscripts submitted July 1, 2024, or later.

B. Color Figure Charges

Color figures can be included in the online version of the Journal with no extra charge, providing that these appear suitably as black and white figures in the print version. The charges for inclusion of color figures in the print version of the Journal are $325 per figure.

C. Optional Page Charges

To encourage a large circulation of the Journal and to allow the inclusion of a large number of selected research articles within its volumes, the Journal seeks partial subsidization from the authors and their institutions. Ordinarily, it is the institutions and/or the sponsors of the research that undertake the subsidization. Individual authors must ask their institutions or whatever agencies sponsor their research to pay a page charge of $80 per printed page to help defray the publication costs of the Journal. (This is roughly 1/3 of the actual cost per page for the publication of the Journal.) The institutions and the sponsoring agencies have the option of declining, although a large fraction of those asked do pay them. The review and selection of manuscripts for publication proceeds without any consideration on the part of the Associate Editors as to whether such page charges will be honored. The publication decision results after consideration of the factors associated with peer review; the acceptance of the page charges is irrelevant.

Waived Charges

To encourage submission of review papers, tutorial papers, forum papers, and special external (to our specialties) papers, all of which are invited, we now waive the publication fee for mandatory page charges for these article types. However, a fee for (optional) color in the print version will be requested for such articles.

Payment of Publication Charges

When your manuscript publishes online, you will receive an email from the AIP Billing Department. It will include a link to an online site where you can pay your mandatory or volunteer page charges, open-access article processing charge (if applicable), or color figure charges in print (if any). If you are unable to remit payment online, you can reply to this email and ask for a print invoice instead. If you wish to order reprints for your article, this can be done using the “Tools > Rights and Permissions” link on your article’s homepage.

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