It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of laboratory experiments to the student learning acoustics. We have developed an acoustics laboratory with a library of over 50 acoustics experiments, ranging from the introductory to the advanced undergraduate/graduate level. This laboratory serves our undergraduate physics curriculum in a variety of ways, by providing: (1) experiments for a one‐credit acoustics laboratory course; (2) optional experiments and “experimental problems” for an intermediate course in waves and vibration, an advanced acoustics course, and other courses; (3) open‐ended experiments for undergraduate research projects; (4) demonstration experiments for lectures in mechanics, acoustics, and other intermediate courses; (5) acoustics experiments for our intermediate laboratory course; and (6) (fortunately or unfortunately) a band of well‐maintained loanable test equipment for other teachers. We have prepared an acoustics laboratory manual, which is now distributed commerically by Cenco. Several experiments will be described and demonstrated as time permits.

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