Spectral analysis at several stages of the output of Ibanez Custom Built Fender Telecaster, and Fender Stratocaster guitars have been completed. The signals were examined in a multiplicity of pickup configurations, including both single and double coil. We examined the direct output from pickups and studied the coloration due to the addition of the following devices: reverberation units, parametric equalizers, compressor/limiters, analog delay, flanging, and phase controllers. They were studied both with the entire relay system in the circuit and with the not so common, but preferable, hardwire bypass, enabling all switching effects to be eliminated from a system. Tones were produced by plucking strings with plectrums of different materials, and allowing the strings to vibrate over the magnet‐coil systems. Steel slides and bottle slides were also used to initiate tone production. Tone control settings were varied. These experiments have shown that visualization of the signal and correlation of the signal, with subjective impressions, will enable the musician to have far greater control over the signal path, and hence, musical tone production.