Tapered solid elastic rods have previously been used as horns or velocity transformers for longitudinal and torsional vibrations. Such structures may also be employed as velocity transformers when vibrating in flexure. An approximate 1‐dimensional wave equation describing the vibration of such “flexural horns” has been derived from thin‐bar theory. The wave equation can easily be solved for flexural horns uniform in thickness and exponentially tapered in width, vibrating in the thickness direction. The predicted mode shapes agree well with experimental measurements, but the predicted resonance frequencies are noticeably higher than those measured, the discrepancy increasing with increasing frequency. Comparison with published solutions for the uniform bar indicates that this discrepancy is probably due to the neglect of shear strains and rotary inertia in the formulation of the wave equation. [Work supported in part by the U. S. Office of Naval Research.]

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