Beaked whale foraging dive clicks similar to those detected at Cross Seamount were detected during passive acoustic monitoring of marine mammals at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) off Kauai, Hawaii using bottom-mounted hydrophones from January 2007 through August 2018. The Cross Seamount beaked whale (BWC) foraging dive click frequency sweeps from approximately 18 kHz to above the recording bandwidth of the PMRF sensors of 48 kHz at inter-click-intervals of 0.14 s (std 0.06 s). These unique clicks have only been detected at Cross Seamount and around the Hawaiian Islands, and because they have only been detected at night there has been no visual detections or species confirmation. However, they are distinctive enough to automatically detect, and can be used to describe basic presence at PMRF. Detections averaged 0.047 dives/h (in a 24-h cycle), and occurred almost entirely on the southern part of the range (water depth <1000 m). 702 BWC foraging dives were used to determine a foraging dive baseline over a 12-year period, to compare foraging dive rates during US Naval exercise events and baseline periods, and to contrast BWC foraging dive behavior from Blainville’s beaked whale foraging dive behavior at PMRF.