Three dimensional soundfield decomposition based on spherical harmonic analysis is becoming an integral part of 3D audio for virtual and augmented reality systems. Spherical harmonic analysis reveals the underlying characteristics of the soundfield, thus allowing high accuracy manipulation and analysis of the soundfield. This requires a microphone array with 3D pick up capability to detect the soundfield. A well-studied type of such array configuration is the spherical array. Since its geometry coincides with the spherical harmonics, the sound signal captured by a spherical microphone array is well-suited for the spherical harmonic transform. The placement of microphones on a spherical array has to follow a strict rule of orthogonality of the spherical harmonics which limits the flexibility of the array configuration. The spherical shape of the array also pose difficulties on implementation as well as practical usage. Recently, the authors presented the theory and design of a compact hybrid microphone array distributed on a 2D plane for three dimensional soundfield analysis. The proposed array uses a combination of omnidirectional microphones and differential microphones placed along multiple circles on the X-Y plane. In this paper, we present the practical implementation of a prototype array based on the above design.