We propose a noninvasive ultrasound theragnostic system (NIUTS) that compensates for movement by tracking and following the area to be treated by using stereo ultrasound imaging while irradiating the focal lesion with HIFU. Theragnostics involves therapeutics and diagnostics. Our proposed system uses focused ultrasound to destroy tumors and stones without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. This is achieved by tracking and following the focal lesion (stones/tumors), in order to compensate for movement due to respiration, heartbeat, etc. In the overall research project, we aim to enhance the focal lesion servo (FLS) performances based on our original medical support system construction methodology, which is called “Me-DigIT (medical digitalization by IT technology, which includes especially robot technology).” In the present report, we illustrate the mechanisms, controllers, and robot vision core technology to enhance the focal lesion tracking and following performance of the NIUTS. As a result, with the constructed NIUTS, tracking performance within 2.5 mm was achieved for a healthy human kidney. The standard deviation of the position of the servo target was 1.92 mm with FLS, while it was 13.2 mm without FLS. In other words, 86 % of body movement could be compensated for by using NIUTS.