Sound is every where and any time. Human is always surrounded by sound. However, understanding sound is not always available to everyone. It's concepts start to be introduced from elementary school to college, but implementing sound for his/her purpose is always problematic. One reason why sound is so difficult to understand is because it is not visible. There have bee numerous attempts to make sound visible: using water, many candle lights, string, small particles, and many microphones. Another hurdle that we have to go over to really enjoy and use sound is to have a convenient tool for manipulating sound. However making one's own speaker cannot be tackled by using a home took box. However, we are about to make this dream come true: many good speakers can be found in relatively cheap price and tangible manipulation tools begin to be available. This paper introduce how these tools have been developed and can be used for education. Another issue associated with learning sound is how to make acoustic education available to anyone and anytime: distance education, using Internet can be a solution. Past experience will be introduced: college lecture, short course for industry, Internet lecture, and finally MOOC lecture for acoustics are compared. What their characteristics are, and how to use them are to be discussed.