A LEED candidate building of Turkish Contractors Association Headquarters is a prestige building located in Ankara, the project and construction of which is sponsored by leading contractor companies of Turkey. As it represents the status of Turkish construction industry, from concept phase to the very recent inauguration of the building, the major consideration has been the application of latest technology and concepts such as sustainability within the scheme of building that can pioneer future works in the field. Chilled beam ventilation is one example of new technologies applied in the building system design that takes into account high energy efficiency with minimum use of fuel or natural sources. In acoustical terms, the building envelope and structural members together with interior and environmental noise sources in relation to the building services are studied. In order to provide acoustical comfort levels in acoustically sensitive spaces and to control noise and vibration at the source and sound paths, materials and methods are developed. Specifically acoustical interventions and solutions proposed for multi-purpose hall, offices, board and meeting rooms, foyers, mechanical rooms, roof-top units, and generators located close by at the site are discussed within the context of this paper.