Murray Strasberg received the Gold Medal in 2000 “for contributions to hydroacoustics, acoustic cavitation and cavitation noise, and for dedicated service to the Society” when he was 83 years old. He should have received it much earlier, but the classified nature of his work prevented the preparation of a complete nomination dossier. In addition, most members did not fully realize how much Murray did for the Society as his contributions were spread over a half-century. While serving as President (1974–1975), the Society was faced a critical emergency when Wallace Waterfall, the Society's mainstay and current treasurer passed away. Murray stepped in and worked with others to handle the financial operations of the Society until a new Treasurer was selected. He also served in many other Society roles including Associate Editor of JASA, chair of the committee that set the groundwork for the Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program, and as Secretary from 1987 to 1990. We will share some personal stories about Murray recalled from the many decades working with him as a colleague and wise counsel.