A rewarding career in architectural acoustics has provided the opportunity to teach as a faculty member of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Kansas. This presentation will discuss methods and techniques for teaching the basics of architectural acoustics to architecture students so that they might apply these basics to their building designs, for teaching acoustic basics to music students so that they will appreciate and properly use venues for music performance and rehearsal, and for teaching architecture and architectural engineering students interested in building acoustics and who desire to have a career in professional acoustical consulting. These methods and techniques are built on current acoustic knowledge, measurements, and analysis-measurement computer software; on 35 yr of acoustical consulting experience; on opportunities for assisting with architecture studios, for teaching established courses and portions of courses, and for creating new courses with such opportunities provided by the architecture and the architectural engineering faculty and administration; by the Acoustical Society of America with teaching opportunities such as provided by the annual student design competitions; and by many excellent architecture and architectural engineering students. Specific methods, techniques, presentations, course syllabi, etc., will be discussed.