The accordion family has a broad spectrum of members including piano accordions, chromatic button accordions, diatonic button accordions, bayans, buttonbox accordions, concertinas, and bandoneons. The common sound generator in all of these instruments is the free reed. This presentation will focus on the characteristics and construction of the accordion with emphasis on the tunings and the reeds. The configuration of the keys and buttons will be explained using the piano accordion. The application of the concert tuning and musette tuning will be contrasted. The versatility of the accordion will be shown as the combination of the four sets of reeds emulates the various instruments of the orchestra. The effect of tone chambers will be discussed. Accordion construction and its materials will be explained with photos and hands on parts. The materials and construction processes will be described with focus on the reeds and reed blocks. The 19th century construction of the accordion has not really changed. Some ideas will be presented for building a modern accordion utilizing the latest materials and processes. Examples of this are the use of carbon fiber molded case and reed manufacture using electrostatic discharge machining.