The alphorns built and sold by the late Joseph Littleton of Hammondsport, NY are used in this study. His dimensions of bore as a function of position are used in solution of the Webster equation for impedance solved numerically earlier [F. J. Young, Acustica, 10, 91–97 (1960)]. The musical notation for the frequencies of the impedance peaks are given below. Here the subscripts refer to the harmonic number. The fundamental, rarely used, is 13 cents flat from A at 55 Hz. The intonations errors for. C1, C2, G3, C4, E5, G6, B7b, C8, D9, E10, F11, G12, A13, B14b, B15, C16, C17#, and D18 are 287, 58, 195, 28, 1.5, 0.83, ‐28, ‐0.85, ‐2.63, 1.5, 40, 14, ‐49, 1, ‐3, 16, 24 and 28 cents.