The acoustical characterization and the mapping of noise emitted from ships were carried out on behalf of the Venice Port Authorithy in the frame of the European Project NoMEPorts (Noise Management in European Ports). According to the Directive 2002/49/CE (END), different noise sources (like roads, railways, aircraft, industrial sites, ports) have to be considered and mapped separately; so, in the first step, the acoustical characterization of ships is required. Annex IV of the Directive, in particular, establishes that the strategic noise maps for agglomerations shall put a special emphasis on the noise emitted by, inter alia, industrial activities, including ports. Three kinds of ships were investigated, using the Italian technical standards UNI 10855 and UNI 11143: 1. inland navigation ships (along wharves); 2. ferries (along wharves and when maneuvering); 3. cruises (along wharves and when maneuvering). As for the maneuvering, it could be said that a supplementary noise indicator is needed, as the END, Annex I, forsees in the case the average number of noise events in one or more of the day periods is very low (for example, less than one noise event an hour).