Although structural acoustics is an integral part of many areas of research of interest to ASA members, it is the control of noise and vibration in marine vehicles that has underpinned much of the activities in structural acoustics. With shifts in emphasis, and therefore research funding, we face new challenges to maintain a healthy and vibrant level of activity in structural acoustics. Because of the complexities of most structural systems of interest, characterization and visualization of the acoustic responses present challenges. Multi‐channel measurement systems are becoming more widely used in structural acoustics research. Numerical methods in structural acoustics continue to improve, moving up in frequency to close the mid‐frequency gap. With new numerical and measurement methods, tailoring of physical and geometric properties for the control of acoustic performance are becoming more viable. The control and harvesting of energy in vibrating structural systems is also a subject of continuing research. Minimization of electronic components, e.g., microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), is presenting new challenges in structural acoustics. Biomechanics provides another domain of interest for the structural acoustician. In this paper, we will present an overview of the many challenges we feel are hot topics facing the structural acoustics community in the Society.