The evaluation procedure to detect and to analyze soundscapes in their meaning regarding noise annoyance measurement is a new step and a very complex procedure. Focusing on the interaction of people and noise, different aspects like the structure of urban areas, people living in those areas, architectural and social parameters designing those areas, and acoustical and visual parameters will be taken into account for analyses. Moreover socio‐cultural‐ and lifestyle‐related elements of soundscapes have to be discussed concerning the aspects of annoyance measurement which usually are focused on interference, disturbance, sources of annoyance, and predicting noise annoyance. Basically, in the discussion of both procedures it is questioned whether soundscapes can work as a moderator concerning annoyance. Detailed aspects may lead to the question of correlations between annoyance judgments and somatic processes, and what happens when people give an overall judgment on the degree of annoyance. Future research is needed to explore soundscapes moderating the judgment on life situation and noise sources.