One of the most important parts of the Society is the Journal, in which information on new research findings are disseminated. Before a paper is published in the Journal, it must be approved by an Associate Editor who typically seeks the advice of two experts on the subject of the paper. Based on 6 years experience as an Associate Editor for the Journal, an overview of several aspects involved in the review process will be given. What constitutes a good review and what reviewers are looking for in an acceptable paper will be presented. Although the decision of acceptance rests with the Associate Editor, it is rare that this Associate Editor does not adhere to the recommendations made by reviewers. However, this Associate Editor does read all of the papers prior to deciding either to accept a paper after revisions are made in response to reviewer comments, reject the paper, or defer a final decision until after the paper has been revised and submitted for further review. An overview of this Associate Editor’s experience with making the acceptance/rejection decision and what is felt to be the ingredients required for an acceptable Journal paper will be given.