Macrosound (i.e., high‐amplitude ultrasound) can be effectively applied in metal deformation processes due to its peculiarity of causing a significant reduction of forming forces [F. Blaha and B. Langenecker, Naturwissenschaften 20, 556, 557 (1955)]. Thus materials can be drawn with larger area reduction or at higher deformation rates, respectively; materials which resist conventional treatments can be also formed under the influence of macrosound [Proc. First Int. Symp. on High‐Power Ultrasonics, IPC London (1972)]. Our macrosonic wire‐drawing machines operate at a nominal frequency of about 20 kHz and intensities up to 1000 W, depending on material, diameter, and drawing speed (up to 10 m/sec). This paper describes technical details and presents performance data. In particular, the electronic measuring and control instruments for easy operation and automatic control of both drawing rate and insonation will be explained and demonstrated in our booth.

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