This research project proposes a series of solutions to mitigate noise and improve speech intelligibility within an open architectural studio environment. Open studio environments pose a unique challenge compared to conventional open office environments. In addition to typical sources of noise found in open offices, such as conversation between co-workers, open studios contain noise generating equipment, such as plotters, 3-D printers and laser cutters. There is substantial research and evidence from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and AINS Group which conclude that different sources of noise in an open office environment hinder employee productivity. However, there is limited research that focuses on open architectural studio environments. Existing research regarding productivity, as it relates to acceptable noise level, will serve as a basis for application of Digitally Enhanced Sonic Enclosures (DESE) to mitigate noise within the open studio. Revit 2020, Rhinoceros 6 and Ease 4.4 will be utilized to analyze thesonic environment as it relates to noise and speech intelligibility in the CityLab Orlando design studio. Ultimately, this research offers an effective series of solutions, which can serve as architectural design guides to noise-related challenges in open studio environments.