Spatial intensity correlations for wave propagation in random media (WPRM) can be predicted in terms of the index of refraction space‐time autocorrelation function, with scattering parameters Gamma (strength) and X (scaled range) in the iso‐velocity case. In ocean WPRM the temporal intensity correlations are also well predicted from the modeled index of refraction spectrum for the lower path in sub‐CZ propagation with a depth‐dependent sound speed profile (Eastern Pacific). For both of these cases the intensity pdf’s have been shown [Ewart and Percival, 80, 1745–1753 (1986)] to be very well fit by generalized Gamma distributions. In that work quantile–quantile goodness of fit tests were used to test the generalized Gamma hypothesis. The upper path intensity correlations, in sub‐CZ propagation, however, have not been predicted. The pdf’s of upper path data taken during MATE will be discussed. Several authors have proposed functional forms of intensity pdf’s, e.g., one distribution modulated by another. Quantile‐quantile tests will be applied to see if such functions model ocean WPRM intensity pdf’s. [Work supported by ONR.]