A set of empirical equations has been developed for use in determining the target strength or acoustic cross section of an individual fish at any insonified aspect as a function of fish size and insonifying frequency in the range 1?L/λ? 100, where L is fish length and λ is acoustic wavelength. The equations were developed by interpolating experimental data obtained by insonifying individual fish as they were rotated about one of their principal axes. It was found that acoustic cross section σ is proportional to slightly less than L2 for each aspect, indicating that σ is approximately proportional to insonified area. Since σ is almost proportional to L2, a modified set of empirical equations was developed with σ exactly proportional to L2, thus eliminating the dependence of σ on frequency. The resulting errors are relatively minor and in some situations the modified equations lead to considerable simplifications which make their use quite convenient.

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