Measurements of the absorption of sound in mixtures of oxygen and water vapor were made over the temperature range 298–410 K. The least‐squares best fits to the experimental results give: 298 K, f0=9+199h + 115h2; 323 K, f0=12+234h + 117h2; 343 K, f0=14+261h + 1O7h2; 363 K, f0=15+235h + 134h2; 383 K, f0=17+283h + 105h2; 408 K, f0=21+325h + 96h2, where 10 3h is the mole fraction of water vapor, and f0 Hz is the frequency of maximum sound absorption per wavelength at 1 atm pressure. The above results were obtained by combining the present values with earlier data for pure oxygen.

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