The correlation properties of turbulent wall pressure fluctuations are investigated experimentally with a view toward developing an adequate phenomenological model of the pressure correlation function for use in engineering calculations. It was found that both mean eddy sizes and mean eddy lifetimes determined by averaging over broad frequency bands did not contain sufficient information to accurately describe the high frequency end of the turbulent power spectrum. Thus, such gross quantities are of somewhat limited utility in detailed analysis, for instance, in predicting response of multimodal mechanical systems driven by flowing turbulence. However, by measuring eddy sizes and lifetimes over narrow frequency bands it appears possible to construct mathematical models for the turbulent pressure correlations which are successful in predicting the turbulent power spectrum over the frequency band of interest which could include the entire spectrum. In addition, measurements of rms pressure and space‐time correlations are presented which supplement the data obtained by W. W. Willmarth [NASA Memo. 3‐17‐59 W (1959)] [or a somewhat higher reach range.

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