The influence of the compressibility effects is discussed, including the time delays on the dynamics of acoustically excited bubbly screens. In the linear regime, it is shown that the proposed model for the infinite bubbly screen recovers the results predicted by the effective medium theory (EMT) up to the second order without introducing any fitting parameter when the wavelength is large compared to the inter-bubble distance. However, the effect of boundaries on the finite bubbly screens is shown to lead to the appearance of multiple local resonances and characteristic periodic structures, which limit the applicability of the EMT. In addition, a local resonance phenomenon in the liquid spacings between the bubbles is observed for both the infinite and finite bubbly screens with crystal structures, and these effects vanish as the crystal structure is perturbed. In the nonlinear regime, the current model is treated with time-delay effects as a delay differential equation, which is directly solved numerically. The appearance of an optimal distance for the subharmonic emission for the crystal structures is shown, and the accuracy of the EMT in the strong nonlinear regime is discussed.

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