Impact Insulation Class (IIC), the single-number rating for evaluating the impact noise insulation of a floor-ceiling assembly, and the associated field testing ratings, are unsatisfactory because they do not have strong correlation with subjective reaction nor provide suitable detailed information for evaluation or design of floor-ceiling assemblies. Various proposals have been made for improving the method, but the data presented indicate that no single-number rating can adequately characterize the impact noise isolation of an assembly. For realistic impact noise sources and floor-ceiling assembly types, there are two frequency domains for impact noise, and the impact noise levels in the two domains can vary independently. Therefore, two ratings are required in order to satisfactorily evaluate the impact isolation provided by a floor-ceiling assembly. Two different ratings are introduced for measuring field impact isolation in the two frequency domains, using the existing impact source and measurement method. They are named low-frequency impact rating (LIR) and high-frequency impact rating (HIR). LIR and HIR are proposed to improve the current method for design and evaluation of floor-ceiling assemblies and also provide a better method for predicting subjective reaction.

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