The methodology of Green's function retrieval by cross-correlation has led to many interesting applications for passive and controlled-source acoustic measurements. In all applications, a virtual source is created at the position of a receiver. Here a method is discussed for Green's function retrieval from controlled-source reflection data, which circumvents the requirement of having an actual receiver at the position of the virtual source. The method requires, apart from the reflection data, an estimate of the direct arrival of the Green's function. A single-sided three-dimensional (3D) Marchenko equation underlies the method. This equation relates the reflection response, measured at one side of the medium, to the scattering coda of a so-called focusing function. By iteratively solving the 3D Marchenko equation, this scattering coda is retrieved from the reflection response. Once the scattering coda has been resolved, the Green's function (including all multiple scattering) can be constructed from the reflection response and the focusing function. The proposed methodology has interesting applications in acoustic imaging, properly accounting for internal multiple scattering.

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