Sinusoids in background noise can conveniently be detected using unsegmented power spectra, comparing power at the signal frequency to average power at several neighbor frequencies. In this case, the F test is preferable to t tests based on rms or dB values, because of the skewed distributions of rms and dB when signal‐to‐noise ratio (SNR)=0. F‐test performance improves as the number of frequencies increases, to about 15, but can be degraded if the background noise is not white, with a slope exceeding about 10 dB for the range of frequencies sampled. Segment analysis, using magnitude‐squared coherence (MSC) or related statistics, has equivalent statistical power; MSC and F each yield unbiased SNR estimates that have identical distributions when SNR=0. Selection of F or MSC for detection of sinusoids will usually be a matter of convenience.

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