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Noise-Induced Hearing Disorders: Clinical and Investigational Tools

The article collection provides insight into 1) clinical and investigational tools that are sensitive for detection of noise injury in the cochlea, and 2) sound exposure monitoring and protection tools available for use characterizing individual noise hazards and attenuation. Throughout the collection, there is a focus on the suitability of diverse functional measures for use in hearing and balance related clinical trials. Considerations in boothless auditory test technology are discussed from the perspective of decentralized clinical trials. The issue provides guidance on the design of clinical trials assessing prevention of noise-induced hearing deficits such as hearing loss and tinnitus.

Guest Editors: Colleen G. Le Prell (Liaison Guest Editor), Odile H. Clavier, and Jianxin Bao

Image Credit: Figure 5 from "Toward a better understanding of nonoccupational sound exposures and associated health impacts: Methods of the Apple Hearing Study," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 151, 1476 (2022).

Special Collection Image
Colleen G. Le Prell; Odile H. Clavier; Jianxin Bao
Monica Trevino; Andie Zang; Edward Lobarinas
Heleen Van Der Biest; Sarineh Keshishzadeh; Hannah Keppler; Ingeborg Dhooge; Sarah Verhulst
Deanna K. Meinke; William Hal Martin
In-Ki Jin; Richard S. Tyler
Naomi F. Bramhall; Sean D. Kampel; Kelly M. Reavis; Dawn Konrad-Martin
Larry E. Humes; Brian C. J. Moore
Allison Biever; David C Kelsall; J Eric Lupo; Gerald M Haase
Thomas P. Brutnell; Xinwen Wang; Jianxin Bao
Victoria A. Sanchez; Michelle L. Arnold; David R. Moore; Odile Clavier; Harvey B. Abrams
Amelia T. Servi; Shakti K. Davis; Sara A. Murphy; Abigail M. Fellows; Sean R. Wise; Jay C. Buckey; Christopher J. Smalt
Samantha Kleindienst Robler; Laura Coco; Mark Krumm
Christopher J. Smalt; Douglas S. Brungart
William J. Murphy; Wei Gong; Stephanie J. Karch; Jeremy Federman; Theresa Y. Schulz
Odile H. Clavier; James A. Norris; David W. Hinckley, Jr.; William Hal Martin; Shi Yuan Lee; Sigfrid D. Soli; Douglas S. Brungart; Jaclyn R. Schurman; Erik Larsen; Golbarg Mehraei; Tera M. Quigley
Kelly N. Jahn
Colleen G. Le Prell; Carmen C. Brewer; Kathleen C. M. Campbell
Hugo Saint-Gaudens; Hugues Nélisse; Franck Sgard; Olivier Doutres
Alan C. Foster; Stephanie Szobota; Fabrice Piu; Bonnie E. Jacques; David R. Moore; Victoria A. Sanchez; Jeffery J. Anderson
Douglas S. Brungart; LaGuinn P. Sherlock; Stefanie E. Kuchinsky; Trevor T. Perry; Rebecca E. Bieber; Ken W. Grant; Joshua G. W. Bernstein
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